In Good Hands: Project Manager JOE HOFFMAN

In Good Hands: Project Manager JOE HOFFMAN

Written by Marty Hegg & Sarah Crouse

Quiz time: which ARCIFORM employee was raised in Detroit, Michigan, has held jobs as a fine woodworker, a stay-at-home-Dad and sailing instructor before his current job at ARCIFORM? The one and only dependable, often-goofy and incredibly patient Joe Hoffman! As one of two Joes and one of two Hoffmans at ARCIFORM, Joe definitely knows how to set himself apart and make a lasting impression on staff and clients alike.

Joe has a keen eye for detail and the ability to quickly identify and solve problems. As a result, his job sites run like well-oiled machines and his clients feel understood and informed from start to finish. His in-depth knowledge of every aspect of construction is encyclopedic, but Joes’ no knowledge-hoarder. He’s always willing to share his expertise with coworkers who are newer to the field. ARCIFORM designer Brad Horne says, “I am grateful for his thoroughness and I do appreciate it when he challenges my ideas! It’s ultimately really helpful, leading to a well-thought-out design. He keeps it real and I’m thankful to work with him!”

Joe gets assistance from a homeowner to note existing conditions, pre-COVID
In a mustache phase at a site measure in the Gorge with Anne, pre-COVID

You can feel Joe’s energy when he walks into a room. He’s adventurous, has an inquiring mind, and loves a good conversation. There’s never a dull moment when he’s around. He knows how to take a stressful situation, bring everyone back to reality and crack a joke or two to get everyone smiling and eager to solve the problem at hand. ARCIFORM is lucky to have him on board!


As a Project Manager, Joe juggles a lot and makes it look easy. From managing and mentoring his construction team to navigating City permit processes, and from estimating projects to writing construction contracts, Joe gets the job done with precision and his gregarious flair. He is a trusty and hard-working teammate and leader; you know you’re in good hands when Joe’s on the job. 

Some fun facts about Joe:

  • He is the proud father of 2 kind, forthright, and thoughtful teenagers. 
  • He races a sailboat on the Columbia River year-round and loves to introduce people to sailing. He looks forward to one day sailing the Great Lakes “Great loop” and continuing to the Caribbean.
  • He owns a 1911 Bungalow in Overlook that he’s remodeled in phases.
  • He likes to watch the kite boarders in the Gorge and hopes to learn the sport one day.
  • He loved going dancing at Lola’s Room Goth Night – if only we had a picture!
Sharing favorite photos at the 2019 company Holiday Party at the Isam White House  

It’s not just coworkers who notice Joe’s thoughtfulness and drive to get the job done. Recently we received these emails from returning clients:

“Again, I want to express our appreciation for your help with the issues we had with our main floor tub/shower. I know you are very busy with big projects. We absolutely needed your expertise, investigative help and your contacts to get to the bottom of the shower valve situation…Thank you for taking the time!” -Andrea & Howie

“…We were thinking of your team lots during the snowy weather, since the last big snow Portland had was amidst our basement remodel…right as we were awaiting a new furnace! As we did the space heater dance throughout that deep freeze in 2017, Joe Hoffman called to check on us, and even offered to let us stay at his house with our two little kids if things got unmanageable. We managed, but his offer was the perfect example to me of why we have loved working with Arciform on two projects now—you all always make us feel very well cared for.” -Kris 

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