Confidently Colorful: Inspired by Color and Pattern at Home

A Design Week Portland event in collaboration with the color experts at Miller Paint


The legendary French impressionist painter Claude Monet once wrote, “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Monet, painting water lilies from a Giverny, France garden, knew that certain colors and textures in combination can touch the soul. But even for those with a real eye for beauty, it’s not always easy to replicate.

We may not all be natural Monets, but luckily Anne De Wolf is here to help bring the joy without the torment to your home design.

At this evening event, entitled Confidently Colorful, the whole idea is to find your voice. “Get inspired by what makes you happy every day and during the different times of the day,” Anne De Wolf says. “Is it a bright, sunny space or a cozy romantic corner of your house?  Do you like patterns in some rooms and a quiet palette in another? Pay attention to spaces that make you happy or spaces that put you on edge and try to figure out why.”

The principal designer and co-owner of Arciform, Anne brings a robust portfolio of projects that came alive thanks to vibrant but cohesive marriages of colors and surfaces. Anne makes interiors sing. From Colonial to Victorian style, Ranch to Bungalow, Midcentury Modern to Tudor Revival, her Arciform team has worked with homeowners throughout the region to bring houses to their truest potential: not just beautiful but functional, not just a series of rooms but a cohesive vision.

We’ll get started with an informal happy-half-hour before a brief presentation from experts at Miller Paint, including color and finishing specialist Puji Shearer and wallpaper whiz Karen Keller. Together they can offer a collective vision and more resources than ever.

Then it’s time for the night’s two main events.

First Anne will discuss how different surfaces from countertops to flooring, cabinets to backsplashes, can inspire color choices, as can the architectural cues of one’s house as well as its natural light levels and electric light fixtures. “Color therapy is alive and well,” she says, “and we will discuss how colors and lighting can influence your mood and each other. We will also discuss how to go about sequencing the selection of your surfaces and how one can inspire the other.”

Then, it will be time for attendees to try their own hands at design with Anne’s help. Participants are encouraged to bring with them some of their inspirations: pictures of their favorite spaces seen in magazines and online, and memorable design details from their own homes. We’ll provide a mood board with all the accoutrements (scissors, tape, glue) and Miller Paint will provide paint and wallpaper samples. All the while, Anne and other team members will be there to answer questions, contribute ideas and have fun. And with a little luck, participants will walk away with a comprehensive color methodology: a way to make sense of all the different surface and color choices throughout the house—to unify them and make your house sing.

August 6th, 5:30-8pm at the Architectural Heritage Center 


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