This Day in History

December 18th, 1949 was a chilly day in Portland, Oregon, with afternoon temperatures dipping into the low 30’s and Portland’s signature snowy (…no, rainy…no, snowy…no, rainy) weather in the

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Return to Romance

As I walk to the door of Gretchen Newmark and Jim Gerber’s 1910 Craftsman Bungalow, painted in a pale yellow with cream and periwinkle trim, I notice I’m feeling a little nervous, but I’m not sure why.

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In Good Hands: Project Manager JOE HOFFMAN

In Good Hands: Project Manager JOE HOFFMAN

Written by Marty Hegg & Sarah Crouse

Quiz time: which ARCIFORM employee was raised in Detroit, Michigan, has held jobs as a fine woodworker, a stay-at-home-Dad and sailing instructor before his current job … Read more

Building Trusting Relationships by Design

Building Trusting Relationships by Design 

Arciform has been a premier design-build renovation and remodeling company for older buildings and homes in the greater Portland Metro area since 1997. From the very beginning, we set out to be the designers and … Read more

The Walter: A Labor of Love

A basalt rock wall borders the Jacob H. & Etna M. Cook house along the sidewalk; the brick foundation is also faced with basalt 

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Preservationists Rick Michaelson & Karen Karlsson 
Fight to Save Portland’s Architectural History

Your average Portlander might not know architectural preservationists Rick Michaelson and Karen Karlsson by name, but they will certainly recognize many of the properties they’ve worked to save. On the list are some of Portland’s most interesting historic structures. Along … Read more

Our Summer Road Trip Continues!

Cabin fever – we’ve all got it. Or maybe you have condo fever, cottage fever, or Craftsman fever, depending on where you rest your head at night. No matter what you call it, we are all tired of being stuck … Read more