Holiday Gift Guide 2019, Designer Edition

It’s not too late to find holiday gifts for the most special people (and pets) in your life! Arciform Junior Designer Sarah Pilcher shares some of her favorite local sources and finds below:

For the pets in your life – … Read more

Home Design Workshop: Changing Family

Written by Jeanette Shupp of Restore Oregon


In the Changing Family Workshop, ARCIFORM gives tips on designing a home for family, addressing questions like: What kind of spaces does your family need now and in the future?  How do you Read more

Dan Volkmer’s Kitchen Remodel

Dan Volkmer, Portland real estate agent with 40 years’ experience specializing in historic homes, and Anne De Wolf, principal designer at ARCIFORM, have had a symbiotic relationship since the early years of Anne’s career.  Through the years, Dan has referred Read more

An Urban/Nature Fusion: The Eugenis & Amy House

We surprised Christy Eugenis on Thursday. Arriving a bit early for our scheduled meeting to discuss Design Week, photographer Mitch Hose and I wanted to get a few shots for a blog piece as well. But Christy, a former photo … Read more

A Night to Remember

Last Thursday night we celebrated 21 years of preservation, remodeling and design, 24 years of marriage and the launching of a new website—very soon! For those of you who have ever built a website, you know that sometimes it takes … Read more

Reimagining a Master Suite for Comfortable Style Now – and in Years to Come

This week I caught up with ARCIFORM Designer Tara Douglas on a master suite remodel the firm completed last month for a couple in the Irvington neighborhood. A major focus of this remodel was to create spaces that suit their … Read more

5 Kitchen Remodels We Love

There’s a reason they call kitchens the heart of the home. A kitchen is where you spend  time not just making food for yourself or others, but also where you grow your family. Kitchens are lively and full of energy … Read more

The Morris Marks Diaries: Structural Development

An update from project manager, Joe McAlester
Perhaps while stuck in traffic, you’ve noticed the old house sitting at the intersection of Southwest Broadway Drive and Grant Street—you know that busy intersection to get on or off I-405 near SW … Read more

A Kitchen for Cooking, Cats and Comfort

“I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” – Jules Verne
Linda Schmidt loves cats. This is the first thing I noticed about the 1929 Tudor … Read more

Linda’s Chewy Ginger-Molasses Chocolate Chunk cookies

Recipe modified from Martha Stewart’s December/January 1997 issue
INGREDIENTS (makes 8 dozen – you’ll need alot for the Holidays!)
64 TJ pieces (4 bags Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chunks)
6 cups plus 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
5 teaspoons ground ginger… Read more