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Up next in our Steal this Idea! Summer Design Contest Sweedeedee’s simple charms sidle up against the sophisticated swagger of Expatriate. Whose design details would you steal? Read on.

Want to play along at home and win dinner for 2? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Complete and submit a bracket by June 30th.
  2. Vote in the comments for which restaurant’s vibe you’d most like to steal for your own home

Click here for more information and contest rules.


This cozy cafe serves up home-style breakfast and lunch in the Humboldt neighborhood.

Stealable Idea #1: Butcher Block Counter

A butcher block counter, whether throughout your kitchen or just a part, adds warmth and natural tones to the space.


The butcher block counter at this prep area pops against the white cabinetry. Ideal space for canning as it’s a softer surface for glass jars. Design by Chelly Wentworth.

Versatile Wood Products is a great place to have a custom butcher block counter made.

Stealable Idea #2: Open Shelving

Open shelving can be a great way to add color and personality to your kitchen that can be changed up by simply adding or removing items. Salvaged or unique shelving brackets also add a point of interest.


Designed to look like a storefront, this pantry utilizes opening shelving to store colorful and interesting items.

Designed to look like a storefront, this pantry utilizes opening shelving to store colorful and interesting items. Design by Anne De Wolf.

Open shelving is another project that Versatile Wood Products can tackle. For unique brackets, we typically turn to House of Antique Hardware.

Stealable Idea #3: Wood Paneled Ceiling

To get that rustic vibe, add some wood paneling to your ceiling and paint it white.

Restaurants_Sweedeedee_WhitePaneledCeiling_ArtDecoPendants_ (1)2

By painting a wood paneled ceiling white, another dimension is added to the room. Design by Anne De Wolf.

By painting a wood paneled ceiling white, another dimension is added to the room. Design by Anne De Wolf.

Wood paneling can be a DIY project, purchasing lumber and fixing it to the ceiling, or you can purchase sheet paneling from places like McCoy Millwork or The Home Depot.


This hip bar in the Concordia neighborhood is known for their cocktails and “drinking snacks”.

Stealable Idea #1: Wood Features

A walnut top bar sets the tone for this swanky space.


The natural wood cabinetry in this mid-century kitchen creates a warm space while the custom brass hardware adds a sophisticated touch. Design by Anne De Wolf.

Veneer is a good option for creating a mid-century appropriate wood feature in your home. There are a few local options: Goby, Crosscut Hardwood, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.

Stealable Idea #2: Exotic Pieces

Add personality to your space by incorporating a favorite piece, whether it’s from a trip or just because it looks cool.


Versatile Wood Products created a custom Tansu chest for a client.

Whether you picked up a special piece on a recent vacation or have a family heirloom to incorporate, personal touches go a long way in a space. Replicas are always an option too, the Versatile Wood Products Custom Design Team can make your dreams come true.

Stealable Idea #3: Dark & Dramatic Paint

Sometimes the bathroom facilities offer inspiration. Have a bold personality? Match it with a paint color!



The vivid orange red in this mid-century guest bath makes a small space really pop. Design by Anne De Wolf.

Paint options are endless! Farrow & Ball is a great place to find some paint inspiration.

Time to choose: which style gets your vote? Pick one and tell us in the comments!

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  1. burdean
    burdean says:

    Those butcher block counters are not only beautiful, can be made from recycled materials but are functional and can be refurbished occasionally with a light sanding and re-oiling….
    Sweedeedee —- hee hee.

  2. Meg Lynch
    Meg Lynch says:

    Hi, can you tell me who manufactures the small wash basin in the last photo? I have a really small second bathroom. Thanks!

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