Tell Us Your New Year’s To Do List and Win!


Did your New Year’s Resolutions come with a hefty side order of honey dos and home repairs?

Whether your list includes things like “repair that squeaky stair tread,” “fix the chipped tile in the bathroom” or “make the living room less drafty,” our Carpenter on Call Team would be delighted to give you a jump start on a safer, more comfortable home this month.

So tell us your New Year’s To Do List for your home in the comments below

by January 14th, 2014 and one lucky commenter will

win a gift certificate redeemable for 4 complimentary hours* of Carpenter on Call service.

We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got planned!

*With new signed Carpenter on Call Letter of Agreement. Labor only. Excludes materials.

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  1. Trisha Mead
    Trisha Mead says:

    My New Year’s To Do List for My Home:

    1. Create a built in linen closet in the nook of our stair landing
    2. Install safety guards on our upstairs double hung windows to prevent our son from opening them too wide.
    3. Add built in benches and some high shelves to our eating nook to add storage and display vintage dish collection.
    4. Update 12 year old’s room with magnetic paint and chalkboard paint to make it a “mad scientist’s lair”

    What’s on your list? Do tell!

  2. Alicia Snyder-Carlson
    Alicia Snyder-Carlson says:

    1. New furnace (ours is a 1957 oil converted to gas)
    2. Finish the bathroom cabinets (haven’t been done for 2 yrs)
    3. Efficient window replacements!

  3. Trisha Mead
    Trisha Mead says:

    Great list! If you are considering a basement update, you may want to attend our January workshop on basement guest suites. You’ll find information about it listed under “Arciform Workshops” at the top of this site. Thanks for your submission!

  4. Trisha Mead
    Trisha Mead says:


    Thanks for your submission! Our sister company, Versatile Wood Products, specializes in upgrading the performance standards for windows in older homes. There a few good options including Tilt-pacs, window inserts, storm windows, and replacement sash that reproduces the look of your current windows with high performance glass. Good luck on the contest and let us know if you have any questions.

  5. buffmedb
    buffmedb says:

    Mostly simple but important things:

    Weatherize doors.
    Replace fascia boards.
    Patch areas on roof.
    Repair deck….install new boards where necessary.
    Create a drop-leaf addition to our butcher block island counter.
    Appreciate all who help….hot cocoa with cinnamon and whipped cream await. Pesto too, if desired.

  6. lisa
    lisa says:

    a task or two,
    100 year old house,
    you know that much is true.

    1) Open up room in basement to provide a more creative, rather than cave-like space.
    2) Build a basement workbench/creative workspace.
    3) Remove popcorn ceiling in living and dining rooms (no asbestos) – popcorn is for theaters, not homes!
    4) Small bedroom closet design and build-out.
    5) Add new water spigot on south side of house.

  7. Cheryl a smith
    Cheryl a smith says:

    I have a basement that was put together poorly. Turn on the light in one and the light goes off in another. The windows were installed upside down and newspaper was used to plug a hole where once there was a woodstove. Oh the bathroom has zero ventilation. The house passed inspection because the previous owner was also a city inspector. They slapped lipstick on a pig, now I’m living in the pigsty.

  8. Trisha Mead
    Trisha Mead says:

    It does, Annie. Our Carpenter on Call team have been busy making their winning selection. We’ll announce today!

  9. Trisha Mead
    Trisha Mead says:

    Congratulations to Cheryl Smith for winning our Carpenter On Call Contest. We’ll email you a gift certificate for 4 hours of Carpenter on Call Service to get started on de-tangling that basement catastrophe of yours.

    Didn’t win? Never fear. As a thank you for entering the contest you’ll each receive a certificate redeemable for 2 hours of CoC service with a signed contract for 4 hours or more.

    Thanks for sharing your New Year’s To Do lists with us!

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