With us since 2010, Dave has been a site lead, field carpenter who describes his job as “I make pieces of wood smaller (and cuter as a result) for a living. But realistically, I spend about 90% of my time vacuuming.” With a degree in horticulture from the University of Georgia, Dave relys on knowledge from Taunton Press books, a handful of carpentry classes from PCC and sage advice from mentors in the field, to guide his work.


Without question, my coworkers in the field deserve considerable mention. Mentors and apprentices among them, the years spent honing the craft together is good reason to wake up in the morning and try to make it better every time you do it. But let’s be honest here. I’m a carpenter. I ain’t in this business to make friends, albeit a fortunate outcome. I do really love the houses we get to work on, the turn of the century ones especially. Stick framed out of impossibly long timbers of old growth Douglas fir, the stock of Craftsmans, Victorians, and Tudors we have in the NW is unreal. We’re given this opportunity to breathe new life into these homes and deliver to the client an experience that is up to date with contemporary performance demands while maintaining this look of historic authenticity we all seem to find so charming. I sometimes complain that we reinvent the wheel every project even after decades in the biz. But that’s also what makes it fun. It’s the nature of remodel.


Of course I have to rep hard for North Portland. From St. John’s to Boise-Eliot, I do love the peninsula. For the work we do, Irvington, and Alameda have some of the most most quintessential houses. Plus the Albina Whole Foods is just about the best lunch option you’ll find. But I have to say, NW has grown on me in the last decade. With N Mississippi.