A Southwest Evergreen Lane Kitchen Remodel

Bob and I wanted to thank you and the ARCIFORM team for your fabulous work on our new kitchen. We feel the kitchen transforms our home on so many levels. We had our first dinner party on Monday night to celebrate. Our guests raved about the new kitchen. They remembered the old one very well and its limitations. Now we have a gorgeous space to entertain!

We also wanted to give a big shout out to Roger, who unfailingly showed up with a cheerful smile and greeting of “Good morning,” rain or shine or snow. He is a master craftsman and woodworker. Our kitchen is a product not only of careful design, but the masterful implementation of the plan, down to the last detail. He encountered unexpected, hidden parts of our 80-year-old house, and rose to every challenge to make improvements and adapt to the challenges.

We also want to thank Joe for keeping us all on schedule and everything running according to plan. Even when we asked to change the plan, such as raise the ceiling, he made it all work smoothly. We were impressed with the subcontractors he supervised.

Just as I was writing this letter, we heard a small knock on our kitchen door. There was Roger with a big “Good Morning.” He was doing his due diligence of finishing up the last bit of work on the new door in the kitchen. He had some intelligent questions about the new locks matching the locks in the rest of the house. Having such a thoughtful and intelligent approach to our house and the remodel made all the difference in our experience.

We are grateful for the whole ARCIFORM team. We are happy to recommend your team to any homeowner wanting to improve their enjoyment of their home. Master craftsmen all.

We also should mention Ben and Darin and their excellent work helping Roger in cabinetry and puzzling out the implementation of the design to our old house.

We look forward to many years ahead of enjoying your team’s work on our home. 

Thank you again,


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