Meet Client Services Manager James Kistner

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After working as a Project Manager for Arciform for a little over a year, James has been promoted to the senior member of our new Client Services Management Team. This mission-critical position is tasked with advocating for clients’ goals and … Read more

Meet Client Services Manager Andres Zacharovas

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Originally from Vilnius Lithuania, Andres lived in London England for 15 years where he started his career in construction. After winning the green card lottery, he and his wife moved to Portland, Oregon, sight-unseen. Andres worked as a lead carpenter … Read more

Meet Client Services Manager Jeremy Gould


After working as a lead carpenter for 2 years, Jeremy Gould was promoted to Carpenter on Call Manager, a position that was responsible for sales, estimating and project management of small projects and home repairs. After some internal restructuring, Jeremy … Read more