1919 Dutch Colonial Remodel

The Fried-Durkheimer House Time Lapse Footage

Inspired by Family

Located in historic downtown Lake Oswego, this gorgeous bungalow was built in 1920. Using salvaged and antique materials when possible, ARCIFORM renovated this home to fit the needs of this young family. In close consultation with homeowners Gary and Melissa, ARCIFORM principal designer Anne De Wolf, Project Manager Adam Schoeffel, and Site Lead Jamie Whittaker, reconfigured living spaces and integrated architectural elements to match the original house.

This video introduces viewers to the family as they prepare and enjoy a meal together – parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and the extended ARCIFORM family they’ve come to know over their two-year renovation.

Inspired by Story

With a series of remodeling projects over ten years, ARCIFORM owner and principal designer Anne De Wolf worked with homeowner Kerri Hoyt-Pack to create her unique, personalized vision of her home, which included designing a room around a painting done by Kerri’s father. Watch the video to learn how ARCIFORM works closely with their clients to create the stories they want to tell with their spaces.

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A behind the scenes view by our Senior PM

A Conversation with Anne De Wolf of ARCIFORM

See the timelapse of Oxbo lifting the Caples house