The Story Begins

When designer and Instagram influencer Emily Henderson, @em_henderson, found a vintage farmhouse on THREE SECLUDED ACRES in the middle of an incredible old suburb 15 minutes from Downtown Portland and 5 minutes from cute SW restaurants, she just knew it was meant to be – and, she also knew she would need help tackling the renovation.

It has two farmhouses – one from 1860 (a kit house that is dripping with charm – and totally falling down) and the main house from 1910 that hasn’t been updated too much but is in strong shape. It has a barn, multiple super cute sheds, and a massive carriage garage. It has 2 paddocks and a pasture and the entire property is fully fenced.

When we heard that Emily and her family were looking for help, we just knew we needed to be part of this project. After meeting Emily remotely, and each of us carefully vetting the other, well – you know what they say, the rest is history!