Behind the Scenes at Our “Inspired by the Family” Video Shoot

The Hanifan House, home to Gary and Melissa and their sons, Luke and Paul, was built in 1920 in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Using salvaged and antique materials when possible, ARCIFORM and the Hanifans renovated this gorgeous bungalow to fit the needs of their young family. With a whole house remodel and addition, ARCIFORM principal designer Anne De Wolf reconfigured living spaces and integrated architectural elements to match the original house. With the renovation now complete, this stunning home is such a showpiece that it will be featured in an upcoming issue of the design magazine American Bungalow.

Recently, the ARCIFORM crew, principal designer Anne De Wolf, creative director Snow Blackwood of Snow B Designs, photographer Christopher Dibble , and videographer Steve Nolan spent a day with the Hanifans to shoot a video in their beautifully renovated home and showcase how our work is inspired by the family.

This renovated space provides for larger gatherings of family and friends, and the Hanifans enjoy having this expanded space in which to entertain. The new, more spacious kitchen now has space for three generations of family members to gather and prepare meals together. 

Photographer Christopher Dibble and videographer Steve Nolan prepare for the shoot.
Christopher and Steve review the shot list.
Lead carpenter Jamie Whitaker and senior project manager Adam Schoeffel were on hand to adjust some doors and hang additional salvaged shelving.
The family dinner table was made by Versatile Wood Products in live-edge walnut with matching benches.
Creative director Snow Blackwood chats with homeowner Melissa Hanifan and her mother, Donna Sullivan, in the nook. 
Homeowner Gary Hanifan poses with the family piano and a much-loved painting of Mt Hood that, according to Gary, “made its way from a saloon in Banks, Oregon via a barn” to Wishbone Home Design in Lake Oswego. Gary, a business consultant who has worked with internationally known corporations, has a diverse background and interests ranging from art collecting to philosophy.
Here photographer Christopher Dibble shoots Sarah Carlson, Gary Hanifan’s sister. Christopher was inspired by Andy Warhol’s portrait videos, which were “referred to by Warhol as Living Portrait Boxes, and, later, as Screen Tests” (MoMA). Sarah, a chef, owns the Red Hare, which offers catering and personal chef services in the Portland area. 

The Hanifan family themselves are avid art collectors, and their home is filled with unique pieces. (Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

Christopher Dibble takes creative direction from Sarah Carlson’s daughter.

Christopher and Snow check out the shots.
Who’s the real photographer here?
The Hanifan boys discuss which items will best represent them for the shoot.
The Hanifan family prepares dinner. 
The video shoot is underway. 
Chef Sarah Carlson prepared a wonderful meal of homemade chicken soup bursting with fresh vegetables, chicken, sweet potatoes, and white beans.
Gary Hanifan shows the hidden wine cellar in action. 
Have you ever seen a garage quite this beautiful? 
A cowboy hat in the garage highlights Gary Hanifan’s rural Oregon roots. 
The last shot at the end of a long day. 
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