This Beautiful 1909 Bungalow Matches Kerri Hoyt-Pack Inside and Out

Visionary. Leader. Change Maker. Mentor. 
These are among the many words that describe Kerri Hoyt-Pack. A former advertising and marketing executive, Kerri recently left a thirty-year globe-trotting career advising well-known international companies, among them Levi’s, Nintendo, and Nike. After fifteen years with Nike, Kerri resigned from her position as Vice President of Marketing to start The Liberty Collective, a global organization focused on promoting women in leadership positions. “Believe it or not, I sort of woke up one day and decided to make this leap,” Kerri says of her career shift. 

When asked about the direction she hopes to take with The Liberty Collective, Kerri’s goals are meaningful and impressive. She says, “My goal is to create change — lasting, progressive and collaborative change that moves us forward in a positive and urgent way. I believe strongly that we can’t just create an accelerator of talent to do what needs to be done — namely, get more women in more roles at the top of companies, organizations, and communities. We have to shift the pervasive business culture that exists, and that [shift] benefits everyone.

Kerri outside The Liberty Collective office.

Warrior. Fighter. Survivor. 
These words, too, define Kerri. In 2010, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A mother to two young daughters, then ages 8 and 10, Kerri forged ahead with positivity and determination, a journey that she detailed on her blog titled Amongst the Waves. It was her experience as a cancer survivor that led to the first incarnation of The Liberty Collective. Inspired by the beauty and energy of the stunning Liberty of London silk scarves that she adored, Kerri started a non-profit organization dedicated to gifting beautiful silk scarves to those who were battling cancer. Kerri believed that each scarf had a tale to tell, that they were “almost [humming] with this energy,” so she decided that “each scarf will include a story of those that donated the scarf or the people that wore it before.” 

Kerri in The Liberty Collective space.

Daughter. Sister. Mother.
A powerful feminine energy flows through Kerri. Having lived a life surrounded by strong women – her grandmother, aunts, mother, two sisters, and two daughters – Kerri exudes a confidence and strength that appears entirely comfortable for her. One of The Liberty Collective’s aims is to “cultivate an unapologetically feminine force that helps to redefine victory,” which The Collective defines as also being “empathetic and open to vulnerability, humble, inclusive and compassionate, balanced in approach, patient and partnering — and gutsy, bold, strong and powerful.” It should come as no surprise that these words also describe Kerri, as strong leaders should embody the qualities they wish to inspire in others. 

Kerri with sisters Kelli and Erika.
Kerri with her two daughters, who are now just on the edge of adulthood.

Creative. Collaborator. Designer.
Kerri’s incredible creative force isn’t confined to just her work. In a series of renovations spanning a decade, Kerri has collaborated with ARCIFORM principal designer Anne De Wolf to create the stunning masterpiece that she calls home, and it only makes sense that her home is as remarkable as she is. Kerri says, “I have selected everything in my house, and I am constantly remixing, editing, adding, and moving things. It’s a creative outlet and something that I love to spend time doing. Making a house a home and layering it with story is a true passion for me. I have a wide range of styles and influences, but primarily I have chosen objects and furnishings that are from my travels, vintage, handed down, or carefully selected, if new.” Filled with precious artwork and decorated in a vibrant range of blues — from robin’s egg blue to deep turquoise and slate blue-grey — Kerri’s home reflects an eclectic aesthetic that’s uniquely hers.

Kerri’s beautifully renovated space in a range of blues features salvaged and antique finds.

This love of beautiful design, objects, and art seems to be almost hereditary for Kerri, passed down to her like an heirloom via her artistic parents. When asked about her favorite aspect of her home, Kerri says, “[It’s] all the art that I have — much of it from my father, who passed away a few years ago. He carved, painted, did fiberglass sculpture and lots of sketching. He was a whimsical guy, curious about the world, and I feel lucky to have so much of his hand in my home. My mom is also very creative. She weaves cedar bark baskets and is pretty incredible at creating magical spaces. I learned so much from both of [my parents] about color, texture, and combining histories to create a special environment.” 

The living room in Kerri’s house features her father’s artwork.

From her writing, to her love of vintage scarves, her antiques, her parents’ art and crafts, and her work with The Liberty Collective, Kerri spins the thread of stories that weave this all into the beautiful tapestry that is her life. 

You can learn more about Kerri’s beautiful home on the ARCIFORM blog and view a video about her home here.

Want to see Kerri’s home in person? You can visit this gorgeous 1909 cottage-style bungalow during our Design Week open house event, where Kerri will open her home to the public. Get your FREE tickets here!

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