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Back of House Addition

A back-of-house addition to a 1911 home in the Irvington Historic District

Under the direction of Principal Designer Anne De Wolf, Project Manager Adam Schoeffel, and Site Lead Jamie Whittaker, ARCIFORM recently renovated this beautiful 1911 Irvington Colonial. Owned by Portlanders with deep local roots in need of space for their growing family, this home was remodeled and expanded to provide better function while preserving the architectural […]

Opportunity Knocks: A Workshop for ADUs and Living Space Conversions

Like nearly every large American city, Portland possesses a large stock of historic homes dating to the early 20th century and in some cases even the late 19th century. These homes were built largely in neighborhoods that were conceived before automobiles became prevalent. Here in Portland, these relatively close-in neighborhoods are often called “streetcar suburbs,” because of how a vast network of streetcars and trolleys once served residents who lacked […]

A Century of Style: Portland’s Architecture from the 1850s to Today

by Anne De Wolf, Principal Designer of ARCIFORM Portland’s neighborhoods are full of historic homes. Preserving the stories that these architectural treasures tell is what we love to do at ARCIFORM. Knowing what defines the popular architectural styles that are a part of Portland’s history is important. The easiest way to know the different styles is […]

Great Gatsby! What a Party!

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, Anne and Richard De Wolf, owners of Portland-based design-build firm ARCIFORM, hosted a Great Gatsby-themed party in their fabulously restored 1904 historic mansion. The event was a benefit for the Lan Su Chinese Garden during their annual fundraiser, Under the Moonlight. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as […]

Inspired by Family

In business since 1997, and with many residential remodeling projects under their belt, ARCIFORM is known for their expertise in historic preservation. How does a company like this grow and thrive? It starts with family. And by family we mean not only those related by blood or marriage, but also the strong bonds that form between people who care about each other. These kinds of connections are what makes a company […]

Design Week Recap

ARCIFORM was pleased to showcase their work in several different ways during this year’s Design Week events. On April 9, Principal Designer Anne De Wolf and Project Manager Joe Hoffman presented a Whole House Remodel workshop at the Architectural Heritage Center where they advised attendees on how to identify their goals, develop an aesthetic concept, […]

This Beautiful 1909 Bungalow Matches Kerri Hoyt-Pack Inside and Out

Visionary. Leader. Change Maker. Mentor. These are among the many words that describe Kerri Hoyt-Pack. A former advertising and marketing executive, Kerri recently left a thirty-year globe-trotting career advising well-known international companies, among them Levi’s, Nintendo, and Nike. After fifteen years with Nike, Kerri resigned from her position as Vice President of Marketing to start The Liberty […]

Behind the Scenes at Our “Inspired by the Family” Video Shoot

The Hanifan House, home to Gary and Melissa and their sons, Luke and Paul, was built in 1920 in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Using salvaged and antique materials when possible, ARCIFORM and the Hanifans renovated this gorgeous bungalow to fit the needs of their young family. With a whole house remodel and addition, ARCIFORM principal designer Anne De Wolf reconfigured living spaces and integrated […]

Whole House Remodels:
Breaking Down a Complex Process

Don’t miss the Whole House Remodel Workshop on Tuesday, April 9th, 5:30-8pmPresented by ARCIFORM So you’ve just bought a charming 1920s Craftsman bungalow in need of extensive renovations: plumbing, electrical, roof, windows – the whole nine yards – and you want the work done quickly, before you move in. Perhaps you are the proud owner of a much-loved, sprawling mid-century […]

See us at Design Week!

Open House of our 1909 Cottage-Style Bungalow, Thursday, April 11th, 4-7pm : : 1541 SE Lexington Street With a series of remodeling projects over ten years, ARCIFORM owner and principal designer Anne De Wolf worked with homeowner, Kerri Hoyt-Pack to create a unique, personalized vision of her home, which included designing a room around a […]

What does “Inspired by the Story” mean to us?

From our earliest recorded history, stories have been an important part of being human. From ancient gatherings around the fire in cave dwellings to listening to Uncle Jim’s oft-heard humorous tales or reading bedtime stories to our children, storytelling has been used for thousands of years to create connections, build shared meaning, teach important lessons […]

2018 Holiday Gifts: Make Home More Homey

Now that we’ve landed in December, many of us are hunting for holiday gifts for special people in our lives. Seems the older I get, I’m giving practical gifts for the home that are also comforting, happy and, yes, even gorgeous! If you need inspiration, follow me to some special Portland stores for goodies for your favorite people whether they live in a compact apartment, comfortable condo or large, rambling house. If you can’t get to these fantastic shops in person, many of them have online shopping*, too.

Morris Marks: Through the Eyes of a Budding Architecture Student

This week we welcome our newest intern, Kylee Hansen to the ARCIFORM team with a post she wrote on her favorite project; the Morris Marks house.

An old, forgotten Italianate house sat quietly on SW 12th and Main. Arched windows were boarded and the property fenced off. As I surveyed each cornice, bracket and quoining detail, I was staggered: how could this architectural beauty be abandoned?

An Alameda Ideal

The Henry-Gonzalez residence was a renovation opportunity its owners couldn’t pass up.
As the autumn leaves turn color and fall from the trees, and we turn our attention to the holidays with their family gatherings, it’s hard not to look at the fully renovated Henry-Gonzalez house and want to step inside for a warm beverage. With an exceptional array of architectural features and popping with color, this place is ideal for entertaining or for just getting cozy.

The Morris Marks Diaries: Moving Day

If you were downtown on Saturday, September 30th, you may have noticed a 2,860 square foot historic house moving through the street… in two pieces. Don’t believe us? That’s right, we cut an 1880 Italianate in half, and with the help of OXBO, moved it 1.5 miles through PSU’s park blocks across the 405 freeway and to its new home at the intersection of Southwest Broadway Drive and Grant Street.

An Irvington Revival

Just in time for Halloween comes a story of black cats and a resurrected old house. Well, maybe that’s stretching things a little. But amidst this gorgeous remodel, there is at least some cat-themed wallpaper to discuss.

Subliminal Education

The season after summer is approaching – in my opinion, the worst time of the year. Not only is it the longest point till summer arrives again, but one of the most hideous days of the year is about to occur:  the first day of school. Those poor kids. But most kids have a passion, […]

Inspired by Family Home Tour

If you enjoy walking down Portland’s tree-lined streets to admire lovely old houses, join us on Saturday, October 20th, to tour some of our favorite Irvington, Alameda, and Beaumont-Wilshire homes on ARCIFORM’S Inspired by Family Home Tour. Our day begins at The Old Church Concert Hall with our free Changing Family Workshop that will demonstrate […]

The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

Are you unable to install a gas range in your home, but unhappy with your electric cooktop stove? Consider a magnetic induction range. What is magnetic induction and how does it work? According to Fine Cooking: “An induction burner consists of a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil beneath it. When you turn on the […]

Photoshoot Day: The Kerri Hoyt-Pack House

Last Tuesday we held a photo and video shoot at Kerri Hoyt-Pack’s Sellwood home. It started with a visit to the wrong house—but not to worry, the gentleman who answered the door knew Kerri. “Kerri? She works at Nike?,” he asks. Well, she used to work at Nike, but not anymore. After an extensive career […]